Drawings of North Korean concentration camp by an escaped prisoner. 

Even though these are extremely creepy in nature, it’s important to note that this isn’t the past, but something that is happening right now.




Please don’t be mean to freshmen. Please don’t be mean to younger kids for no reason. It’s already difficult enough going through the transition process of changing schools. They don’t need you to be an asshole to them for no reason on top of that.

Once you’re a senior, you’ll feel different about this. Trust me.

I am a senior. 
And if you’re a senior you should ESPECIALLY not be harassing freshmen. you should know better. 

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Not to take my newfound tolerance of Taylor Swift immediately to the next level, but I think this is an important learning moment for Tumblr:

I’ve been seeing a lot of messages going around about the “cultural appropriation” of using twerkers in the Shake It Off video. It’s not. Let me delineate…

-Cheers forever-


I’m not one to defend Taylor Swift but why are people saying that black girls were only cast in the twerking part of her new video because






I dunno if we’re watching the same video.


Both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are in Ferguson 

Their presence just brings a certain aura of “ugh”


who thinks that Michael Brown probably was a criminal, the cop’s story is probably the closest to what actually happened, and the shooting probably was not racially motivated…


Ferguson PD’s handling of both the case and the subsequent protests was tinged with racism and is evidence of the kind of deeply-embedded racism that still exists in communities today. It was an absolutely amateurish, inappropriate reaction that only made the pain of the community worse and the tension higher. 


Tonight in honor of Robin Williams,the Magic Kingdom’s firework show was named Genie’s wishes, and in the end they said “Genie, you’re free”…

Uh… no. This actually never happened, a girl made it up to get notes. When people called her out on it she deleted the post and made up a bunch of excuses. How embarrassing.