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damn imminent, this wasn’t a smackdown. you straight up crushed the bullshit, and used a jerry soringer-esque font.

And the worst part is, she’s still claiming it was real because it “made it on the news.” As if fake stories never made it on the news before…

how disgusting is this woman

someone better not ever let her have children, because I wouldn’t put it past her to develop munchousen by proxy 

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    while you're horny: YOOOOOO
    after you cum: ew


If you didn’t realize it…


White People…


Are not that only ones…


Who use other peoples cultures…


No one says anything about Beyonce but none of these cultures are hers. Everyone seems to overlook that.


Filippo Minelli, Contradictions (Ongoing)

The aim of the project is to point out the gap between the reality we live in and the ephemeral world of technologies.
Writing the names of anything connected with 2.0 experiences in the slums of the third world as to show the idealization connected with these experiences, underlining the difference between what we decide to show about us and our reality and how the world actually is, how we actually are and live.
2.0 technologies and the marketing behind them are characterized by a religious veneration, as also said by Leander Kaheny in his “Cult of Mac” book. Users are pushed to live with increasing abstraction from reality, living technologies only as an ideal reality.

Project realized (until now) between Cambodia, Vietnam, Mali, China, Italy.

*Text by David Pierce, New York 2008





Just weeks after the UCSB shooting, Elliot Rodger’s misogynist / racist manifesto and his own behavior online that mimics the writing of MRAs, DoubleTree Detroit will be hosting the first ever “International Men’s…

"So you can go to college on Pell Grants — maybe I should not be telling anybody this because it’s turning out to be the welfare of the 21st century. You can go to school, collect your Pell Grants, get food stamps, low-income energy assistance, Section 8 housing, and all of a sudden we find ourselves subsidizing people that don’t have to graduate from college."

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) voicing his opposition to subsidizing higher education back in April. And sure enough, Tea Partiers are attempting to cut Pell Grants.

I could fully rebut this, discuss how hard it is to get Section 8 housing - virtually impossible without dependents. I could point out that Pell Grants are disbursed to the university first, and the student does not receive anything if tuition is not paid in full. I receive the Pell Grant. It’s $2,750 a semester, $5,500 a year. This does not go far. I could go into more details, but I’m tired of this shit. This guy’s net worth makes him the 14th richest member of the US House, though he thinks he’s “cash-poor” and “struggling like everyone else.”

Here’s my message to those people like Rep. Rehberg, who think it’s perfectly acceptable to make it even harder to go to college:

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No. No you can’t. You can be fat and have disordered eating, be it starving or over eating. You do not have anorexia. Diagnostic criteria still require a person to be extremely underweight for an anorexia diagnosis. Please, do go get help if you’re suffering. Please don’t diagnose yourself. That won’t help you become healthy.

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