Tumblr also where Americans can speak about the cultures of other countries they know nothing about because cultural appropriation

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tumblr has become a bigoted unhealthy website where you are praised for fitting into as many obscure minorities as possible and are told whatever u say is invalid if u are part of any majorities and it’s out of hand and ridiculous

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People seem to forget that tumblr is a public website and not a place for people with a fragile mental state.

The Love Actually one where a dude is holding up a sign to Kiera Knightley’s character saying, “to me you are perfect.”
It makes me mad because she is his best friend’s wife, and he is confessing his love for her. I mean, if he really loved her, he could have told her before the wedding. If he cared for his best friend, he would’ve known there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.




i really dont like to get THIS petty but im going to anyway, because free speech is a thing that exists in america

its perf.

Oh my god, this is beautiful.

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